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Default Houston Livestock Rodeo/BBQ -- 2010 Report

Wow, what an event.

If you've never been, try to go. This is one of the "big four" as I call them. Jack Daniels Invitational, Memphis in May, American Royal and HLSR. Now, I've been to all four.

First, I have to get a shoutout to Carl Triota for inviting me to join his group. This man is an exceptional guy and if you get the chance to meet him, you've made a friend for life. Thanks Carl, you treated me like one of your crew and I had a LOT of fun.

Overall, there are 300+ sites which get purchased by teams and they they build these AMAZING booths and then it's one LONG party until late Saturday. I'll post some photos below.

If you've been to the darkside at the Royal or MiM, you'll know the kind of booths and partying going on.
HLSR is a unique contest, that sort of uses IBCA rules, with some LSBS rules thrown in.

We had a lot of fun getting the official word, but we did find out that chicken could be parted into individual pieces with enough for 6 judges.

Entries could be chicken, ribs or brisket.

The number of entries you have is based upon how many sites your team has.

For 2010, there were:

119 Brisket Entries
168 Rib Entries
107 Chicken Entries

DAMNIFINO owned four spots, so we got four entries. DAMNIFINO was one of the four original teams:

Here's the four "official" head cooks (each entry gets one head cook with the rest of us supporting cast)

L to R: Michael (Carl's son, Carl, Bradon, some other guy)

Went down for set-up day on Wed. There's basically a front and back half of this team site. Front is for the partying and drinking (full service bar) and the back is where the work happens.

So Thursday, Friday, Saturday Carl's group provided food each night. The MOST important thing to know is that this team is LEGEND amoung the HLSR crowd. As any of the movers and shakers and they'll tell you that you have to stop by this team for one thing

Fried ribs

Brentt, Carl's other son is the master chef behind this. As Brent describes them, "Pork Chops on a stick". Tasty stuff. I'll definitely do this for a group some time, they were addictive (and the fact my seat was sitting next to a full pan of them helped)

Here are some team sites. I didn't take a lot of shots inside, for SOME reason they didn't want me shooting photos of their parties... LOL

All in all, a great time, great party, great event. I think I'll be invited next year to judge, they asked if I wanted to and I said yes.

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