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Well, Shucks. The cat is out of the bag!

I was hoping for the ability to "slink quietly into the night" if things went too far South at Mulberry
DF fixed that right up.
All I bring to the table on this venture is my obsession with temp control and quality smoke, produced by quality wood.

And, Brothers, I learned all of that right here! Thank You!!!!!!

DF be the master chef here--I just say "yes sir" and hit the temp he wants with "clear blue" from the OAK woodpile!
Oh yeah, I can wash dishes if my "Pit Bitch" duties allow me to be distracted for a few minutes. Just gotta be real careful with my focus here
I'm a simple kind of guy! But, that just may be the ticket- time will tell.

I just gotta figure out the "staying awake from Midnight to Turn-In part".
XM Radio and adreleline may do the trick.
Can always sleep another day!

Anyway, the pressure is really on now--don't want to embarrass the Brethren (or DF or me):D
Yeah, I am breathing slowly (sometimes). But, it sure is hard not to be pumped!

And to think that in Feb of this year, I was just "pondering" a smoker and trying to pick the right one.
The Bandera (now the StudeDera) and I have come light years in so little time

Thanks, Dudes and DudeEttes

ps--my thanks to TK for the expanation of "Pit Bitch" in his 1000th post. He is the ruling National Brethren "Pit Bitch". I just claim the Southern Regional Title unless I screw it up royally! Thanks, TK

pss--Anyone know how to slow down DF? Hell, he is calculating mileage to Memphis (501.1 from here-but who is counting). Gotta love the guy!!!!! Wild ride coming!
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