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Default Sorry Guys, We're steppin in.

I'm sure some of us knew this was coming soon......
I gotta step in before it get out of hand.

Hijacking in general has become a little out of control lately, not just here in Qtalk, but other forums have gotten hit also. Some blatent and intentional. Yes its funny, yes I enjoy the cracks... (don't go there)...but its gotten a little extreme these past few days. Please get back in tune with Discussion areas and there purposes. If a hijack starts, don't fuel the flame.

Remember our guidelines from the previous Hijack war that started a few monts back...

If your Qtalk or D&R thread is hijacked OUT OF CONTROL, a gentle PRIVATE nudge is ok, or a PM to a moderator. We wil handle it. I dont however expect to hear stuff when someone cracked a single joke or a wisecrack. That IS NOT a HIJACK, or disrespectfull, its US. We are here for the levitity...

1 crack, NO,
2, probably still NO..

I will be splitting threads and deleteing irrelevant posts to begin a cleanup. If u see a post is missing, and it was irrelevant or Off topic, myself or one of the moderators did it.

Other moderators, please take lead, and get us back on track. This includes the new competition forum as well as comments, announcment, etc.. all but woodpile.

Sorry to be a kill joy.. I aint saying to get goofy and go Pit Crew...but we got to pull back just a little. Qtalk has guidelines and protocols as well as the other forums. Please stick with it.

Back on topic.

thanks all.

heres where everyone gets all quiet and starts sayin shhhhhhhhh.... its a hijack. :?
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