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Originally Posted by jonboy View Post
Do you always wrap the briskets in plastic film to rest?
Is this just a way to reduce sloppiness? It seems like it might mess up the bark.
I started doing this because of the way Our 3rd Sunday Sales go. I would smoke the briskets and wrap them and hold them at 165 or so in our Kitchen Food Holder/proofer. It stays there until 6 in the am when we turn it off and open the door to cool. The church smells AWESOME.

I have a guy that drains the briskets, another that unpacks and trims. and one that slices. THICK TOO.

You can see this behind me in the shots where I am standing behind the stack.

The process is, I smoke them DONE unless I know they will be frozen for a reheat at some other time (in which I cook until the point is done and give instructions for a 4 hour defrosted pack reheat).

So I pull them and the bark is so hot and rough (like 50 GRIT sandpaper) it is hard to wrap them. I wrap them three shortways, 3 long ways three short ways,longways and short ways maybe another 2 times. They seal as the cool from the 200 range to 165.

NOW SINCE I AM NOT COOLING THEM, its okay to wrap them... I am holding them. I never put hot meat in the fridge or freezer. I left them cool considerably maybe even an ice bath first.

As I have said a few times, this wrapping does two things, it softens the bark and makes for one hell of a juicy brisket. The meat doesn't really get more done but the fat reduces its water.
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