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Originally Posted by BobBrisket View Post
EDIT--I can kinda picture your coal basket. Could you post a pic so we could see the expanded metal on it? I'm also thinking that maybe if you put all the coal in one edge of the basket, that maybe that created one large hot spot and an uneven burn. That's a tough thing about using the pipe nips, you can fine tune the air flow. You either have the cap off or on and sometimes the ball valve won't give you the fine tuning you need if the weather is not cooperative.
What was weather like?
Yep. I find that using the magnets to cover my other 2 intakes works well. I've can fine tune with the ball valve but I normally run with the magnet only half covering one of my other intakes (the other is completely covered). The nipples & caps looks better but I like that I can tweak just by sliding my magnet.
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