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I may have found my issues by putting multiple posts about similar issues together. Think I need more exhaust or less intake.

I start the UDS with one nipple open and the ball valve completely open. I adjust the ball valve to set @ 250*. The Weber lid vents are the only Exhaust I have.

I thought about my cook last night and I had the nipple and ball valve wide open when I threw the onions and taters on, the meat was already on for a bit, but I think the taste difference was that the meat takes on the flavors much slower than the veggies(?). I remember closing off the open nipple and adjusting with only the ball valve a couple of hours in. My assumption is that this could have leveled the smoke intake to exhhaust correctly for the meat not to take on thoose off flavors.

Anyway, I think I have some more tuning to do with this UDS, the first thing is going to be 2 1" holes opposite the current vent in the Weber Lid. I'll get a couple of Magnets to adjust them as needed.

Thanks to all for the input...
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