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Everything Chris says here is Gospel. I've had terrible trouble with creosote. First, I didn't know what it was. Then I found out and tried multiple different methods to reduce the amount of creosote, and the resulting effect on the food. I've made small but noticeable improvents over the last 2 years... Then, Friday, for some reason, I just fluked it and did everything that Chris has been saying here. Now I'm reading this and going... yep... yep... yep, that's right..... damn why didn't I figure that out before.. etc.

Last smoke I did for the lamb, I never had to foil, I had a small fire, I raided the grate, I pushed it to the edge, I backfilled, I had super temps, I had super control, I had super blue.. almost CLEAR smoke....

God.. 2 years to get it RIGHT...

So whatever Chris Says... Don't question it, just do it. Save yourself years of trouble!


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