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Originally Posted by PorkQPine View Post
New FDA rules do away with the danger zone being 40-140 degrees. It is now 41-135 degrees. Previously cooked food needs to be heated to 165 degrees. Just took the ServSafe course so this is the newest information. Instructor said that FDA only issues guidelines and that the local HD may have different temp. rules. Always check with local HD for the rules you have to live by.
Right on but when talking about steam tables or chaffers the "MINIMUM" is 140 for most HD's and that means not only sticking a thermapen into the tray but also using an infrared hand held to measure surface temp. If you have steam pans and don't keep them covered except when dishing up the surface temp will quickly drop. I'd plan for an internal closer to 150-160 to be safe. And you need to stir on a regular basis if you want to keep it moist and fresh and balanced temp.

While I haven't taken the course yet, Carol did and I have read all the materials. I've also developed a positive relationship with a number of the local HD inspectors and when they informally visit at a vending event (happens if others need to be inspected) I'm always asking questions to better udnerstand what they expect.

Bottom line is take the ServSafe course if you can.
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