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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Sorry, had to go drop off a brisket I cooked for a friend.

3 words

Oh My God.

I am taking the pledge:

I pledge to never cook a fatty again without using the 3-2-1 method.

This is a day of new things to try. As I sit here typing, I am drinking a Cosmopolitan. Never had one before. Sure, they are a girly drink, but it tastes pretty good.

Back on topic.

I sliced half of the JD 2 pound log. Farking juice was all over the place. Gave the slices awy to the people with the brisket (my wifes office)

I had a slice and my wife did.

It was the wettest, moistest, 1/3" smoke ringyest, breakfast sausage I ever ate.

I will never go back to 3 hours and out. Sure, you need to wait 3 more hours (2 in foil and sprayed down good) and 1 in the cooler, but its like any other of our meats, the longer you wait, the better it is.

So I implore you Brothers, nay, I insist brothers, that you try the 3-2-1in the cooler method on your sausage logs (1# or more). On those 12oz logs that some of you are getting, I say adjust times by 75% (since your cooking 25% less)

So now I will go polish off that rack of ribs and some more of the best damn sausage I ever ate.

Now don't go saying I invented 3-2-1 for JD sausage logs. Whoever created the 3-2-1 for ribs was just what I adapted.

Hey, this Cosmopolitan is pretty good. I just hope Sex In the City is on tonight so me and the girls have something to talk about tomorrow.

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