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Originally Posted by h20loo View Post
Hey Dave Russel- here's another "BDS clone".

When I was a wee little guy back in 1959 I remember my grandfather smoking bacon in two stacked oil drums while he was waiting for the brick smokehouse that he later had. I don't think he was unique and I bet that lots of barrel smoking was going on all over the States and I also bet alot of them never heard of Mechanics Illustrated. I think alot of those ol'timers are sitting up there licking there lips at the pron the Brethren are turning out.
So when was the BDS moniker coined?

Before researching pit designs using 55 gallon drums, if I'd ever seen an UPRIGHT drum that was being used as a pit, I probably would've assumed it was a burn drum. Drums used as horizontal pits were simply the only ones I was familiar with until I came across designs by Clark "Smoky" Hale. Well, my first drum cooker had a fuel door that's similiar to the single drum design he illustrates, and I would shovel hickory coals into the bottom of the drum from a seperate burn drum. Let me tell you what...that is hard work.

Anyway, my second drum cooker was basically copied from what I found online about the Big Drum Smoker. The differences were neglible, so I've often referred to it as a "BDS clone", just as others have. It stands to reason that someone used Jim Minion's charcoal method to cook bbq in an upright 55 gallon drum before the BDS was marketed, but I just never came across that idea before the BDS. I take it that some here don't take kindly to seeing the term.

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