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Originally Posted by HeSmellsLikeSmoke View Post
I am not clear whether that silver skin is on the fat cap side or not?
In all actuality it is all over the place. It is most notable on the underside of the flat. There is some between the point and flat layers but we don't really notice because by the time we are seeing it, it is all gooey from cooking.

Sinew is is harder to penetrate the flavor HOWEVER it also holds in moisture. AS a non wrapper I want every advantage for moisture I can get... High Heat (which also takes care of my flavor penetration deficit) reduces the time subjected to drying out.

I know people saw this on Myron Mixons thing but I think his Wygu had more to do with a win than sinew trimming IMHO. Of course leanne did it too I think.

However, since at a pageant you have lots of time to fret over a single brisket anyway, toiling over the skin here is cool. Normally a brisket would be the lowest labor item you place on the smoker. So have at it for comps.
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