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Meaty looking Ribs!

If you are getting in practice for a pageant where you are using this technique or you are actually doing this for a pageant then do it. While removing the sinew has two somewhat cogent reasons for removal on a set of ribs (judge preference and flavor penetration) it has a very small contribution on brisket. In pageants, where not only every little thing you do pay off on points at times, doing a bunch of little things can add up.

Popdaddy always says; the little things like this done to a rack or a lump of meat are like whether or not your best girl shaves at all, or all the way up. No matter how bushy, she is still your best girl.

Popdaddy continues, "Now in a pageant where all those little things add up to a great presentation this matters a great deal. Much like in Porn where a model has to be perfect (like Mindy Vega) because you cannot touch her. But when its time to get your fattie wellington all larded up and greasy and dirty, you want your money's worth; you would care less cuz you're gonna be so close to it its outta focus, right?"

I would not sweat the sinew on the briskey too much. You are going to get the flavor anyway. It will penetrate. It will. Don't you get the same penetration whether its shaved or not? I find the cleaner it is the more it loses moisture on the sheets and lingerie anyway.

Originally Posted by LMAJ View Post
Woke up way too early, fired up the Egg and started to prep the brisket.
I have seen what looks like silverskin-ish sort of thing - perhaps just a membrane - how far do you go to remove it or do you even worry about it?

Gave it a nice rub in some Dizzy Pig Cow Lick - and onto the Egg it went.

The ribs are prepped.... now the waiting begins....
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