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Originally Posted by Boshizzle View Post
I had some pork at a restaurant the other day that was just really bad. It had this strong "porky" flavor. I have noticed that flavor several times in pork but this was the worst.

What causes it? Is it the pork? It is the age of the pork? Is it the cooking method? How can it be avoided?
I have noticed that to but whats odd is i like the pork flavor more than the smoke. i like to taste the meat. I noticed your title said gamey, now thats a flavor i am not found of. i dont mind smoked food from an electric smoker at all because then there is no risk of odd flavors from charcoal or bad wood. Back to my original statement of noticing the to porky of a flavor. Maybe age or even a salt solution caused it. i have not had pulled pork for about 7 months due to this same issue. I lost my appetite after i had some odd tasting pulled pork. i even tried to smoke some in November but just reminded me of the bad stuff and i just couldnt eat it..
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