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Originally Posted by HeSmellsLikeSmoke View Post
Here is a recent thread by SirPorkalot regarding a frozen butt.

Originally Posted by Smokin'Ron View Post
WOW, don't recall that one. I'm just wondering about temp in the 4 hour thaw...

Wouldn't it be like putting the pork in hot water to thaw? I don't know, I'm just a little paranoid about pork/chicken and temps. I'd do this with beef and not blink and eye. I eat my steaks Medium rare anyway *)
Interestingly enough I had inserted a temp. probe from my remote maverick into the meat as soon as it thawed enough for me to do so, and the center was still 47 degrees 4 hours later when I pulled it to rub it, but it was 195 in the center by the next morning.

Originally Posted by hogsfan View Post
I just happened to try this on Wednesday with a 7 pound pork butt. It turned out great. The only downside was the rub didn't stick as well as it does normally. Other than that, it turned out identical.
That is why I put my normal rub into a spice grinder and made in a fine powder, this stuck nicely.

The pork today is not like it used to be, you can eat pork med. rare and not have any issues, and doing it this way is not much different than cooking a whole pig for 16-24 hours while it is 31 degrees outside.

We (the family) just finished chowing down on some more one has died yet

To the OP; As long as it is not 80 degrees and humid out (actually should be in the mid 30's or lower)- I say go for it!
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