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Default Cooking time estimates?

I was going to do a ~ 2.5 lb section of a pork loin (bit thicker than a coke can and about 7 inches, I'd guess) tomorrow and was planning on brining a few hours, and cutting it to lay flat before stuffing it, and rolling it back up and putting it on the smoker. Any ideas how long this might take as I'm trying to judge when to put it on.
I figure I'd like it cooked to somewhere around 145 degrees. Maybe a couple hours smoking at ~225?

Also I've got a small 1.25 to 1.5 lb frenched rack of lamb planned for tonight. Is 130ish a good temp for smoked lamb?

I've done these in a hot oven, but i've never smoked either of these cuts before, and am just trying to get a rough idea of cooking time for both, so if you've got any suggestions or time estimates, let me know!

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