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Originally Posted by Duckaholic View Post
Guys my name is Johnny Mckinion and I am the General Manager for Barbour International.....the maker of ther Bayou classic cypress series grills.

I pride myself in our customer service, I do not know who 1 t scot talked to but will agree it was handeled the wrong way.

The unit he purchased was one that we purchased from another company and we were not happy with we closed them out....and we did not have parts available.

The grill that we are making ourselves and that Lowes hasis a totally different animal....

Yeah we are new to the market and we are trying to make the ceramic grill affordable to it a BGE....nope.....does it work the same....we think so.

You have my name.....if you have issues with any of our products and you do not receive the customer service you feel you me direct.
Dear Johnny,
I'm not in the market for one of these (I have a Primo), but I want to say, reading this letter, that you've done your company a great service with this letter. You accept responsibility for past wrongs, explain why things went wrong and give your name to be held accountable. I think you've turned a few heads here and helped your reputation immensely. Your letter appears very sincere and is EXACTLY the right thing to do. One of the huge factors with these products is customer service and if you are allowed to do the right thing, then word will get out and I believe you will find success. All companies screw up. It is how they handle these screw-ups that matter.
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