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Originally Posted by KC_Bobby View Post
If the BarbeQlossal comes back when the pork industry has a few more dollars, I think the Competitor Series would be a nice Sanctioning situation for it. In fact, I think it opens up some opportunities for some other whole hog (or other) competitions in KCBS.
Bingo. It lets organizers have flexibility to make category changes. And so long as they cook the minimum required by AR and Jack the only thing really lost is the KCBS TOY points. It mau impact a few teams or it may put TOY back into perspective. it's a grea honor but only a handful can really spend the time to seriously compete for it.

And it protects existing KCBS contests as it still requires an approval process by the BOD. Don't underestiamte this power. Keeping a contest off the KCBS website and out of the Bullsheet does cut down on the audience for your contest.
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