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Merl, You are missing my point.
I am not saying I disagree with the process...but it could have more flexibility in it, and still maintain the same basic language. And again... what data points were used in setting 90 days as the proper amount? Why not 120 or 60? I'm not saying I know.... but I am saying... that rather than draw an arbitrary line in the sand... work with the organizers, and thier sponsors, to know what a REAL time line for guarantee of funds is, so you dont have to worry about exceptions or issues.

These types of events are going to happen if KCBS is there or not.... so why not work with these types of organizers, or thier sponsors, to determine how best to address the requirement for a guarantee. I am sure most would be more than happy to share the timelines for what it takes to open the purse strings.

Keep the process of protection, but base the timelines on individual needs of the event, after an informed request... (which could be inside 90 days)....
I think it will continue to come up.

And if we (as KCBS), decide not to be flexible, it really doesnt hurt me. I, as a cook, can go cook anything I want. IBCA, FBA, NEBS, or unsanctioned events. The local APWA has a great contest, so does Greeley KS (big peoples choice participation for fundraising for several youth orgs in the county) Cure of Ars Church, The local Eagles... If we dont work with some organizers, they will likely still have events, and I can choose to cook them... I just hate to see KCBS miss out on the sanctioning fees, and the visability due to stick to a "90 day" window that does not appear to be based on any organizer/sponsor(since they fund the $$) input.
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