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Yes Andy that is what I am saying. We have a policy to help, but if you can't live within the rules, then that is what I would do. Protect what I think is the interest of the cooks. If you think the policy is bad, why did you not comment when on the agenda. I think this policy is fair. But some here want to find a reason to complain. I don't know why the Board works so hard to look out for the cooks, who now seem to not really care.

If you believe the KCBS policy is unfair to anyone organizer, explain to me why anyone is treated unfairly with the KCBS policy which you have deem unreasonable.

"Merl Whitebook made a motion to adopt the following policy concerning an emergency change in sanctioning of the cash prize money amounts guaranteed under KCBS sanctioning.

“It is the policy of KCBS that an organizer must pay in full the higher of its advertised amount of cash prize money or the amount provided in its guaranteed prize letter held by KCBS.

There are times when circumstances make it impossible to comply, such as the loss of a sponsor. Therefore it is the policy of KCBS that any time prior to 90 days from the date of the contest, an organizer may apply to the Board of KCBS asking for a modification of the cash prize money, upon the following terms:

1. The organizer must in writing, state the cause for the modification, and the Board must find good cause, such as loss of sponsor, in order to grant the request.
2. That all registered teams must be notified in writing (usps) and by e-mail of the change and have an opportunity for a full refund, any time prior to 15 days before the contest date.
3. That immediately upon approval by KCBS all applications, advertising and web sites of the contest, shall in a bold and conspicuous manner advertise the change and reduction in cash prize money.

It shall be the obligation of all Contest Reps to notify KCBS should they become aware of any violation of this or any other terms of the sanctioning agreement. Violation of the sanctioning agreement may cause a revocation of sanctioning of a contest.”

The motion was seconded by Paul Kirk

After discussion of the issue, Steve Ownby made a motion to call for the vote. Seconded by Paul Kirk
10 yes, 0 no, 0 abstentions
The Board moved to vote upon the motion."
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