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Originally Posted by Plowboy View Post
If the American Royal was a day late in getting their packet into the office, would KCBS revoke their sanctioning?

Todd, I don't get it. The issues you address were about cooks and protecting the cooks. The sole issue was about reducing prize money. KCBS is requiring a letter of credit to protect future prize money for the cooks. Check the November minutes for a contest which did this. We have a policy that will allow it, as long as you follow procedures, which included in a timely fashion, advising the teams which have registered. But when not followed, I for one, will do everything to protect the cook.

I guess I should ask you, would you go to the royal if they reduced the prize money to $5000.00 (total) , after you registered, and drove there. I would be interested in the answer.

This is about looking out for the cooks. Nothing else. If KCBS does not protect the cooks who will?

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