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Originally Posted by dudz View Post
^^^ I did mine by weight just because of the different weights and densities of each charcoal...let me know how it goes.
The geek in me keeps telling me to go by weight.
The pyro in me tells me I can fit 14# of briquettes in my UDS charcoal basket rig and I'm thinking 14# of lump will fill two charcoal baskets making one cook problematic.

I know the lump vs. briquettes is often a very heated debate. I'll try to keep my test consistent and objective; record times, temps, and draw conclusions after. My instinct is telling me the Stubb's and even the Kingsford blue bag will burn alot longer than the same volume of any lump, but I'm open minded because of the control and efficiency of a decent UDS.

Whatever the results, I'm hoping to find a happy medium between quality (food taste in later tests), price, ash production, and burn time for long cooks on my UDS rigs.

I'm certain I won't end any debates, but at least my driveway lab tests will be educational and entertaining.
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