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Hey guys, I'm also looking into the possibility of using a hot dog cart type approach.

Reason being, the one thing I do have lined up is the commissary. If I could make a cart work, it seems like it would really cut down on my initial cost as well as the ongoing overhead.

Has anyone ever seen a BBQ cart work?

There is, however, already a potential roadblock for the cart approach. HD has told me that they generally only allow hotdogs, sausage products, and "prepackaged" BBQ to be sold out of a cart. It sounds like they are willing to listen though.

I'm hoping I can sell them on the safety of that approach. I see no reason that using BBQ that's been properly smoked, cooled and reheated can't be just as safe some prepackaged garbage. Not to mention real BBQ would be a much higher quality and fresher product.

There are currently a Hot dog and BBQ carts operating in town that sells the pre-made stuff that has no flavor is spit in the face of what actual BBQ is supposed to be. I'm pretty sure they pretty much buy the prepackaged stuff from the grocery store in bulk.

Do you guys think I'm fooling myself to think a BBQ cart would work?
I'm still looking into a trailer, but I'd like to explore a cart approach.
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