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Originally Posted by DivaHerself View Post
Yet another experienced organizer, trying to lock down a hard-dollar sponsor, was denied sanctioning although in communication with KCBS about the timeline on that sponsor.

At the end of the day, I just want to have KCBS-sanctioned contests to cook, where the sanctioning guidelines have been applied equilaterally. The "special circumstances" should not be allowed only when the stack of dollars is high enough.
Sounds to me like if many are getting denied, then something may be broken. Maybe a change is in order...
It isn't about money to me, I stand by my statement: I would like to see decisions based on passing a litmus test of: Does it further the KCBS Mission/Grow the base? Does it benefit the cooks? Judges? If it does, than it should get consideration based on the specific facts at the time.

I just saw Merl's post that they are looking at moving Ronnie's into the competitor series, I am assuming to allow gas, and any other rules/needs... and to help with a more realistic guarantee deadline on the cash. Might be a good path.

You get enough events that are in the "Competitor" series... and then you can look at trends and consider if any types should eventually move into the "Masters" series. Should make a great proving ground, and help determine what will end up "mainstream" eventually, or stay a one-off.
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