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Originally Posted by Smoke'n Ice View Post
I believe that Arlie Brag, ArlieQ, spoke to the board at the last meeting about the need to enforce rules that are the same for all. My first large contests for KCBS were the Las Vegas contests at Mandalay bay that he put on. I'm not sure but, I don't think he asked for special rules.

I think Candy's post is spot on. Rules can and have been changed to deal with situations as they arise. We may or may not see them, at the boards perview.

I don't have any skin in the game, or reason to see one side or the other "win" (if there is a winner) -- I would just like to see folks work together as adults. The board should be able to address situations as they come up, and rather than put something up against an arbitary rule ( are the dates/timelines given based on data points, or were they just chosen as a best guess) I would like to see decisions based on passing a litmus test of: Does it further the KCBS Mission/Grow the base? Does it benefit the cooks? Judges? If it does, than it should get consideration based on the specific facts at the time.

Arlie is one of the two organizers I was referring to (trying not to put any names out there...) If he had a big sponsor that he was working with, I would hope that KCBS would work with him, as long as he was in communication with them. What if another Mandalay Bay event came available tied to the rodeo or something... and was at 88 days.... I would hope KCBS would work with whomever it is to make sure the event happens. Again, putting all personal pissing matches, and agendas aside, and furthering the reach of the KCBS by tying it to a high profile event, and giving the cooks another great event with a great purse.

I know that some of the requirements are a little more stringent these days on the guarantee of funds, and timelines. Arlie runs first class events, and I would hope the time he has spent building that reputation would allow him to be able to work with folks in the best interests of the sponsors/events and cooks.

As we get more events with more money -- as TV gets involved, etc. We will have to find ways to be flexible and grow those opportunities... Or we can chose to not be flexible, and those events will still go on, just on thier own.

Maybe we decide to lock in dates, and make things hard and fast. If that doesnt fit another type of event that wants to go in direction "x", then a new group can go there... doesnt make either one bad... or either one right, or wrong... just different. I would think we want folks to work together rather than factionalize and dilute things. But will it effect anything? probably not - right; KCBS will live on regardless, if things dont pan out, it will just be more choice for me as a cook... I can go to KCBS, FBA, IBCA, NEBS, and then there are the 100s of events that have no sanctioning body... but are run by reputible organizations - and they will live on also. As a cook, its all good for me. I am just tired of all the armchair quarterbacks arguing about what may or may not have been said/done behind closed doors, in a hallway or wherever. And all the hearsay. Let's let it play out, and trust that the board is doing what they feel is best. Members will prove out if it is what is best or not.

At the end of the day... I just want to have contests to cook.
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