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Originally Posted by ChiefOsceola View Post
And to think I thought charcoal was charcoal before I joined up here. Little did I know! Been using Royal Oak & Kingsford mixed in my UDS so far (mainly because those are the 2 brands most readily available in a small town).

I've found something strange just by using the Kingsford briquettes to light my lump in my wsm. I pack my lump and wood chunks in tight, leaving just enough room for one layer of K and then light the K in the chimney and spread evenly. However, the funny thing is this: my briquettes are not burning down, not even after several hours like a rib cook. I'm finding them still large enough to use again, and they got lit and put on top of all the lump! Can anyone explain that? It's like the lump steals all the oxygen that the K needs to burn. The lump, BTW, is B and B, which is dense and burns a long time. I don't understand it, but I've noticed it twice, so I don't plan on mixing the two anymore.

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