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I don't know what your email is referencing, as I didnt have any background on the "special" catagory you mention.So dont know what is proposed there... But in general, I think some of your suppositions are wrong...

As a cook, unless an event is is going to fill quickly (like the Lawrence Sertoma, or Roots Fest, etc) I will always hang onto my entry fee $$, as long as humanly possible. If for no other reason, than you never know what is going to come up - and you may not be able to get a refund. Or many times, I dont have a weekend free up until literally days before a cookoff. There is more than one event that I paid on arrival last year. I think, esp. in this economy, most folks hold onto thier money as long as possible. I don't think you can blame a looming large purse event for keeping folks from holding that cash off. I will hold it until the deadline everytime.

As far as doing things organizers have done for years and years.... I have not seen many other organizers pull off the kind of Purse Ronnie does. The two I know that do, are both members here... and I know either one will tell you, that it takes alot to bring the big dollars to the table, or Harleys, or whatever... Big prizes, etc mean needing more flexibility sometimes.

I would think the visablity for KCBS with NASCAR, Walmart, etc and the increases prize pots for KCBS members, would allow for flexibility. As a cook, I would be a little angry if I had to cook an event as unsanctioned, that has been sanctioned in the past, due to inflexibility of the board. Esp if it is a $50K, or 100K event.

Also, as a member, the size of the events bring in a nice chunk of sanctioning fees... which should help KCBS with meeting thier goals/vision statement.

Having said that... I would expect that same flexibility for any organizer, that has a history working with KCBS. It is part of the value of the organization, and BBQ family... And maybe changing some of the rules or modifying them, would help more competitions have the flexibility to land larger purses/sponsors.

So who are the fly by night conmen you refer to?
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