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Default Am I'm that far off base?

I sent the following message to the BOD:

Dear BOD Members,
The consideration of a special category for an organizer would be detrimental to cooks and the other sponsors and organizers of cookoffs. The cooks would not have sufficient time to plan their agenda by scheduling vacations and time off and as a result may decide to wait to commit to any cookoff until the “BIG ONE” is firmed up on both date and money. Smaller purse cookoffs would not be able to compete as they have a stringent set of rules that have worked for years for all the cookoffs. Also, how can the density rules, time lines and guaranteed purse be applied to protect both the cooks and organizers on a definite maybe? Cooks not committing can cause some of the backbone contests of KCBS to either fail or seek different sanctioning because of participation.
Now one person who is responsible for a very minuscule percentage of all cookoffs needs SPECIAL rules to do what hundreds and hundreds of organizers and promoters have been doing for years and years. W H Y ?
He has threatened to take his toys and leave the playground after demeaning the BOD and its authority. This has been threatened in the past and KCBS is still the premier sanctioning body while the fly-by-night promoters and pie-in-the-sky conmen tend to come and go.
Mack & Sharon Yarbrough
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Members, cooks and CBJ’s

I received the following from Linda which is what I would expect from any Member:
Thank you so much for your input. This will be a very difficult decision but we will do our bet to make it work for everyone.

Best in BBQ
Linda Mullane

I received this from Candy:


Thank you for voicing your opinion. May I ask how you heard this information? From my perspective, it seems that you had to hear this from a member of the board. There is nothing posted publicly (that I've seen) as to the agenda on this special meeting, which leads me to believe that a board member solicited your opinion hoping that your voice would sway the outcome one way or another.

While you and I may need to schedule events early in the year, many don't have to do that. The teams that cook 30+ contests a year are in a different category (and usually ToY) while "little" guys like you and me are lucky to win one once and a while.

In the last couple of years, many teams would hold off committing to a contest until the last minute hoping that that would get them a higher team number and maybe a more preferential spot on the judging table. Rules were changed to eliminate the perceived number preference.

When an organizer lands a big sponsor, like Kingsford or Walmart or NASCAR, and has been doing contests well over a decade, that person is in a different category than the Rotary or Lions Club, which needs 90 days or more to assemble a good event and all the assistance that KCBS can provide. Rules have often been changed and adjusted to deal with circumstances as they arise.

No matter what you say and how acidly you say it, KCBS and it's board can only be demeaned by its own actions or inactions in the service of its members, whether cooks, judges or organizers.

Best regards to you!


I know that I can be a pain but am I that wrong?
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