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Originally Posted by G$ View Post
With all due respect, how would I know that they "read your email and look at all the emails and allow it to influence their decision" if they can not acknowledge receipt. I am not naive, I know how busy these folks are. I also won't bother telling you how many emails I process daily in my job.

What I WILL say is the responders are consistent. And that, as stated before, is something I know personally.
I agree when you have a job 50-100 emails a day is expected at least that was where I was. But volunteer BOD well I just don't think they can reply to all and maybe they feel it's best to treat all members the same even if it is against what members expect. And you can ask for a return receipt to know they opened it.

And I do agree with you that it's consistent about who do reply. Most are from the same faction on the BOD I've noticed. And a new BOD member is off to a good start.

One idea might to be to include an admins address in the BOD list and then they can respond to an all BOD email saying it has been received and will be looked at.
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