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Knives are an area where personal preference makes a huge difference. If you haven't used a variety of different knives and qualities it can be hard to make the right choice. You mentioned Cutco, and a few years back I did buy a set of them for kitchen use and have not been disappointed. They are great for cutting vegetables and general, rough kitchen duties. The steak knives are nice because they keep cutting steak after steak without any attention. The Cutco paring knife without the serrated edge is useless after one or two uses. The knives requiring a bit more attention to keep them sharp are by far superior for the meat preparing and cooking duties of BBQ. I have decent carbon steel knives to expensive damascus bladed Japanese ones and I have found one major difference in the less/more relationship. The less they cost the more sharpening/attention they require, and the more they cost the less attnention they require (aside from some p[retty astounding asthetic differenes that don't make them cut better or worse). Whatever you plan on acquiring, plan on getting adept at blade care and and after that it won't matter much.
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