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Originally Posted by dudz View Post
Should i remove the membrane tho, I don't know if it will make my finished product Chewy?
I would not suggest this. These are manly ribs; not for the stringent Liberace loving, Clay Aiken style ribs like you see at the BBQ pageants so the silverskin I find keeps the moisture in. I see no sacrifice of the flavor penetration. I mean hey, I don't care what they say on the pack... no matter how thin the latex, some cooties are still gonna get on your meat from the marination and hot smokey love slatherin all up in there right? No matter the raincoat you still gonna get that funky stuff all over the base right?

No seriously, no offense to the competitors at all i am just joking. At competitions if you don't remove them they could taste like Mindy Vega and they would still loose.

At these temps, with the right kind of rub and smoke i find no loss of flavor form keeping it on and find an increase in moisture. Remember, you are NOT foiling and bathing and simmering in foil so you need all the breaks to be sure you don't dry it out. As a result at high temps you subject the meat to less time in the smoker YET about the same amount of smoke time exposure due to being quicker and the slower processes being wrapped in foil.

Likewise, with the really low and slow method combined with 3-2-1 or 2-2-1 or whatever, the ribs can have their skin removed to optimize flavor and moisture loss doesn't matter as you are boiling/steaming/simmering/braising them in foil and juices anyway. I use all those terms above because all happen at different temps according to the user.

Heck, I even found the damn skins to come off easier when they are cooked on high. They are also more edible when kept on, sorta crispy.

Temp is 270 with my 1200 lbs Meat Mama and my big pit the brazos, an offset.

There are some who have different temps with their own equipment.

I never talked about time because you should be listening for the sound. Imagine a bag of microwave popcorn... it slowly pops then the pops get more and closer til they are at a zenith then taper off.

The weep method calls for you to keep the temp up and get those ribs to 170 Internal (please do not get out your probes and try to probe for this) in the quickest and most efficient way possible... hot and fast.

There is less creosote and no loss in smoke taste. Its not going to be the gooey stuff that Trig serves up at pageants but more like what he likes at home according to him. I think Billy Bones Wall does them this way but I only imagine from tasting his at a pageant.

when the ribs get juuuust about right they let go of their fats and some juices. we call this pig honey. the entire rib (when left dry and not mopped or spritzes as this lowers the temp- duh) goes from dry to wet... the dripping intensity hits either the coals or the plates and sizzles. Right when the ribs are really sizzling out their fat, making sure you have a clean coal fire - you make like the Titanic Stokers did at 11:40 PM when the bells rang to reverse the engines - you shut all the dampers!!! inlets and stacks baby.

The ribs then ride in their own juices, steam and heat as the temps crawl down.

Another brethren is trying to see what this is like on a smaller weber thing. I bet a UDS would do this well as it is more tight.
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