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I personally like the garnish. I can see the argument that someone put forward that your judging more than Q, but to me thats part of the art of competition bbq. Everyone knows that garnish helps, so most teams use it therefore in essence everyone is on the same playing field. If you think about it, it's one more thing that makes KCBS more respectful to the bbq outsiders, not only do we have to make beautiful delicious meat, but we are artists with our turn in boxes. I guarantee you that Chris Lilly finds this skill helpful when advertising food for his restaurant and website. Plus to say that garnish is an unneccessary expense is ridiculous, it seriously costs about $8 to buy enough garnish for the boxes. If you don't use it all, think of it as helping out a farmer. Anyone who gripes about that probably isn't making any money on the circuit anyway.
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