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Originally Posted by CaptGrumpy View Post
Skip the Stoker and getthe Guru DigiQII for your BGE and you won't be disappointed. It is simple to run and set and the customer service Is spectacular. I had a unit that went tits up and they had me send mine in and had me a new unit in less than a week. Someone is always available to take your call during business hours and it is smaller and easier to handle.
The key her is Customer Service!
The DigiQII and Stoker are very different, and not really even comparable. They cost the same, and they both control your pit temp; beyond that, they serve different needs.

The DigiQII does not connect to your network or computer. The CyberQII must be physically connected to a computer to get any networking or logging benefit. If your pit is located in an area where you can leave your computer within a few feet of it, or if you don't want to log your cook or view or control your pit from anywhere other than right at your pit, then the Guru is great.

The Stoker can be easily connected to your network, so you can house the Stoker nicely in a water-tight tupperware next to your pit, and go inside to monitor and control your pit. I put dinner on, go for a walk or take the kids out to do something, and manage my Egg so that the food is ready when we get home. Try that with any Guru - you're out of luck.

Both companies are run by American entrepreneurs. John (the Stoker owner) may not pay someone to answer his phone, but that might be reflected in lower costs for a more versatile product. He may not answer the phone the first time you call, but he doesn't abuse is customers the way almost any large company can (or does).

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