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Haha yea its a plastic cap on the metal plug, the larger one had a plastic cap on it as well. I ripped that one off cause i wanted to see what was under the plastic. The smaller one is the same, i just ran outside and ripped it off hahaha. I donnt know how i am going to get the metal cap off. that thing is SO stuck. if anyone knows a good way to unscrew it let me know.

Also I have a questions about the 3 vents i am going to be drilling into the bottom of the barrel. This is what i gathered and you can correct me if i am wrong. I need to drill a 1 inch hole and then i use a 3/4 inch pipe nipple and a 3/4 inch ball valve. Seems funny to me cause a 1 inch hole for something that is 3/4 inch. AGAIN !! i am new to this so please keep the bashing to a minimim.
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