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Originally Posted by NoviceBBQmovinUp View Post
New to this and landed my first drum.

I had read 330+ pages and i am on information overload. This leads me to a few questions that i sill am not sure about because i cant remember what was said within the 330 pages of readings.

1. My top has two holes in it already one about 2 1/2 inches and one about 1 1/2 inches. Should i just use one of these for the top vent, or should i drill the 6 to 8 smaller holes in the top.Why do some drill all these holes? I am brand new to smoking so i would like to do the one that is easier to control temps/user friendly

2. People talk about expanded metal alot in this forum but i am stll not sure what is ment by this. (please dont bash me, i really am unsure)
Expando or Expanded metal. I had no clue what it was either when I joined up. At least not by name.
Lots of people use it to biuld the coal baskets. They buy a long sheet and then roll it and secure the ends with bolts to make the basket. Or like I did, cut it up into plates and weld them together.

Your drum has the bungs on the lid so you can just use those. Some guys get threaded pipe and screw it into the larger hole and make a smoke stack. Most that drill all those holes do so because the lid they have doesn't have the bungs so they create their own exhaust.

Nice drum.
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