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Originally Posted by SirPorkaLot View Post
I ask the same doesn't make sense, but it sure does appear to be the case.

My chicken does well in comps...why? they are perfectly manicured thighs, that I spend waaay to much time on getting to look like that...

the chicken i make in the backyard for the family tastes a hell of a lot better though, and has a better texture IMHO, but would not do well in comps.

So I have to ask what contests your chicken is doing well in. I checked the pickled pig power rankings and the national bbq rankings and didnt see any record of the Sir Pork A Lot team finishing anywhere in chicken?

I would also say that the manicuring of chicken thighs is an internet sensation like bite through chicken skin. If you actually are doing well in KCBS events with chicken it isnt because of the trimming, it is because you can cook a great piece of chicken. I dont spend much time on my chicken trimming, certainly not the way that some do and I do alright with chicken. it isnt the low score anymore anyway, and after taking classes with Mike Davis, Trigg, and Rod Gray and seeing that none of them spend tons of time on trimming chicken I fell there is reason to believe it isnt that important and certainly not important enough to win with based on trimming alone.
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