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Originally Posted by Tweedle View Post
Does any one here use a stoker on a UDS? I was thinking of ordering one and wanted to be able to controll all 4 of my UDS's and was wondering how well it worked on those units .... anyone?
I will this weekend. I already ordered mine but will be picking it up on friday. Its worth the two hour drive, forget this shipping business.

Nice heads up on how it saved your ass already original poster. Yes another reason to get it.

Also if anyone wanted to be super nerdy at a bbq event all they would have to do is setup a router inside their truck and hook up a wireless adapter to the stoker and BAM instant network. Granted you need a laptop, but that should have been given. You dont need internet to have a network(just clarifying for those that dont know). Or you can just eliminate the wireless adapter and run a cat 5 directly to the stoker from the router. This way you can walk around the park within range of your unit monitoring the whole time.
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