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Now that I read this post and read the ideas I will expand.

It looks like you are doing what I do with quite a few briskets at a time but you are taking the briskets somewhere.

First, go to sams and buy a LARGE roll for 17 buck of plastic wrap. It will last you a lifetime. I go through one a month.

Next, wrap the HOT meat in the plastic many times. 3 times one way. then 3 times the other way several times. Leave no space it you can and wrap tightly.

As the brisket cools on a rack on your counter for a bit it will draw in any space.

You brisket and its juices are sealed. I like to quickly throw it in the freezer a bit to bring the temp fown quickly... with many briskets like i have at times I use more sophisticated methods of cooling.

If I don't want it frozen I pull out in about 4 hours and place in the fridge.

to reheat I don;t even use foil and reheat in a pan in the oven and have used as high as 300 without incident.

when the plastic begins to bubble from internal pressure (don't puncture ever) then you are ready.

Let is rest again in the plastic half an hour then remove and slice.

With my rub I use the bark literally comes back from just sitting on the counter airing out.
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