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Here is a letter I think we should send to the Board. If you agree please copy and paste it in you email, enter your name and membership # at the bottom and send it on its way.
Here is a link to the KCBS website. Here you can sellesct e-mail the entire board

Members of the Board,

Recently I have been hearing very negative things about KCBS and Its Board members. It seems a lot of members are not happy about the way business is being conducted. I am not saying these things are true or false, actually I am not even sure myself. I only know one half of the story. I propose we begin making our monthly Board meeting available on webcast/podcast. If not live than at least available within a few days. I fell this would help members understand some of the thing that are being discussed at the meetings. When people know other people might be listening they tend to do the right thing. Every Board member is entitled to there own opinion but sometimes its not your opinion that counts, its the thousands of members you represent. It is great that you can call into a meeting but many people like myself do not have tome to do this. I would much rather listen to it on my own time. I know this idea has been turned down before and I am wondering if the ones who voted this down could explain it to me. If we are able to conduct online elections then certainly we have the ability to offer a podcast. Also, could you please explain to me what happens in executive session. I understand we do not need to hear personnel issues but it seems to me as a paying member I have the right to know what is being discussed. I would like to think you in advance for reading my letter and considering my request.

sincerly, John Doe (member #)
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