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Default Am I The Only One That Does Not Like Bark?

I know, I may get really slammed for this one.

It seems everyone says that the Bark is the best part of a Butt or a Brisket. I have now cooked enough Butts, I would say at least 75 and a few Briskets, that seems to be a enough for an educated statement.

To me the Bark is a thick, usually overcooked, hard and crusted outer layer of the meat. I just don't get it as to, why this is something that people crave.

I see the Bark as a protective layer that seals in the juices and flavor of the meat but for eating is to say the least, not very appetizing.

I have tried Foil, this seems to soften the bark somewhat, still to me undesirable and no Foil producing a definite crust layer that I could use for a Flip-Flop. Regardless the Bark is about 1/8 inch of hard coat.

With most all my cooks that go on for 10-15+ hours how can anything that is exposed to the heat and smoke that long be good?

This is a serious observation and not intended to be a disagreement as to your cooking skills of those of you that disagree. Only looking for your opinions and advice.

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