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Originally Posted by BobBrisket View Post
Nice build and food pron!! Speaking of Line X..........that would make for an awesome outter coating for a drum if it's safe to use.

I noticed your cooking grate is lower than normal, are you planning on adding a 2nd top grate on your drum? How did you find cooking that close to the coals? Also, by any chance did you get a temp reading at grate level?


The food grate is 24" from the charcoal grate, and 7" from the top of the barrel. It held 235 for the first 13 hours no problem. After hour 13 I bumped it to 325 for 2 hours to help make the bacon crispy. Finally at hour 15 I dropped it back down to 235 where it was still going strong around hour 20.

I confirmed the temps with the thermometer I installed on the outside, and a digital sitting on the grate.
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