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Originally Posted by Two Porks View Post
Sorry if this is already posted but I couldn't find it if it was....

Tomorrow I'm going to do the tri-level rub 1. Lawry 2. Butt overnight....3. Apply the dirty dalmatian then smoke.

I just had a couple of questions.....I was hoping bbqfunkmasterq(sorry could't remember your name) could respond or anybody else that could help....

1.With the salt component of the dirty dalmatian, can I use large grain sea salt? When I say large grain its like the size of the nerds candy. Very very large. Or should I grind this down more.

Yes, for 50 - 100 briskets at a time i don't use it cuz its expensive. Use it and you will see a stronger smoke ring. Large grains as in koshure or sea salt size. There should be no need to grind anything.

2. When I apply the DD, how much on average do you need? I'm doing a 12 lbs brisky so would you say 1/2 cup of salt, 1/2 cup black pep and 1/2 cup lemon pepper would be ok? Should this be applied to all sides even the fat cap? Do you rub it in or just sprinke and hope it sticks.

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Watch video between 2:15 and 4:00. I dress up some CHOICE packers I got for 88 cents a damn pound. Note I dump it. The juice that the lawreys and glitter brings up is enough to make the rub stick. Don't handle it much.

Do it this way first. It the flavor is too much, next time do the same thing JUST rub it in... this knocks off some of the rub and burys the rest in the crevices. Now one thing... yes... get all the areas... i missed edges cuz I am doing like 50 this smoke.

3. I'm using a WSM and it contains a water pan. Should I pan on adding water or should I just sand the pan.

Id Sand it if you use it... then water it next time in that order and let me know how each went. I just got a cheap ass little junk weber that someone threw away and would like to know how this works out.

Thanks a bunch! I will be doing this tomorrow on a 22 wsm, with apple/pecan wood. I'm planning on doing the minion method and will use my guru with ramp mode off. I will start at 225 for 2 hours then increase to 270 for the duration. When tender will wrap in foil and rest in towels in my cooler for 2-3hours.

I will post pictures tomorrow evening.

We need to get people to use more butcher paper.
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