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Default Finished UDS build with some pron

I started building this last week and wanted to share it with you guys. I followed the directions I found on this site and I am fairly happy with how it all turned out.

I burned 2 full pallets as this used to contain Line-X part B. Everything I have read says it should be safe as long as I burn it all out. I wire brushed the outside and will do the same to the inside. I purchased everything else I need to build this tomorrow except a thermometer and I forgot the bolts to hold the grate.

Click To Enlarge

About Line-X part B and the MSDS

Got the barrel painted with BBQ paint.

Next I had to add the thermometer and a clean hole so I used and ice maker line coupler.

Here is the ice maker coupler I speak of next to a huge drill bit.

Drill big old hole

Put half of coupler through hole and attach other half to lock it in place

Thermometer fits perfect

Lock it in and call that part good

Next I put the pipe nipple on, conduit nut inside and out to lock it in. (I had to have a buddy come over and give me a hand locking it in. Even at 6'1" I can't reach the nut inside and out at the same time.

Next I put in the bolts to hold the grill grate

Finally I put the handle on the lid

Almost done

OK well I got this finished just in time for the Super Bowl. I planned to snap pics of everything I made but it got so busy and I was cooking for about 30 people so I just didn't get a chance.

First things first, I put some legs on the basket. I need to add an ash pan but I was short on time, I will add that later this week.

I had a sheet of 24x12 expanded metal. I was able to cut it using some snips so I had 2 24x6 sheets. I bolted it all together to make one sheet the rolled it round and bolted it again. I just secured it to the grate with some bailing wire for now as I have no welder.

Here is a picture of the butt on the smoker at 4am the night before the big game. Was rubbed with a basic pork rub a buddy had made.

Next afternoon we added a rack of baby backs, 24 ABT's, and a pork loin I made. Took a large tender loin and butterflyed it out nice and flat. Laid out some shredded Colby Jack cheese and broccoli inside, then wrapped in a bacon weave. We did a 2-1-1 with the ribs and they were amazing.

We did 2 beer can chickens in my ECB at 350 for about an hour and a half. It came out amazing and juicy with a great flavor. We brined them over night also.

Pictures got forgotten after this point but we also did 12 thighs on the ECB, 6 boneless skinless breasts, and baked beans. Everything turned out amazing and the UDS held 250 for 18 hours on 18lbs of Kingsford. After the game I went outside and it was still 245 after over 20 hours of cooking.

The next smoke I will do better about taking pics and I plan to use some Royal Oak lump I got.
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