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Default Trigg Rib Shigg From "BBQ Pitmasters"

Johnny Trigg allowed the "BBQ Pitmasters" filming cameras to capture some of his process and recipe for cooking award winning ribs. I studied the footage of Trigg from the show to pick up as many tips as I could. Here is what I discovered.

BTW – I don’t think that this is really shigging. Shigging is the act of entering one’s cook site with the intent to steal their processes. This is just a summary of the info Johnny Trigg shared on the show.

According to Trigg, the first thing to know about BBQ is that it is redneck cooking.

When it comes to ribs, spares have more meat and make a better presentation. The meat is very important. Trigg looks for ribs with a lot of fat. Lean ribs are tough and flavorless. There is a lot of marbling in the ribs he chooses. He cooks St. Louis cut ribs. He removes the membrane and trims the back of the ribs really close to the bone.

Trigg uses a mystery rub he keeps in a brown unlabeled dispenser. BTW - He uses Lawry's seasoning salt on Pork butts.

He also uses coarsely ground black pepper.

Trigg cooks the ribs meat side up at around 275 degrees. He sprays ribs with apple juice during the cooking process.

He never specified the amount of time he cooks them before foiling them but it’s probably between 2 and 3 hours.

Trigg foils his ribs. He makes a mixture containing at least the following: honey, brown sugar, Tiger Sauce, onion powder, and Squeeze Parkay.

First, he puts the ingredients on the foil.

Here, you can see the Tiger Sauce in the background.

Here is the honey, handful of brown sugar, onion powder, Parkay, and Tiger Sauce mixture.

Trigg places the ribs in the mixture meat side down.

He then puts the same ingredients on the back of the ribs.

Here is the Squeeze Parkay going on.

More brown sugar.

More honey.

Onion powder.

He wraps in foil, presumably two layers.

Puts the ribs back in the smoker meat side down.

When they have reached the desired tenderness, he takes them in to be sliced.

He uses an electric knife to cut them.

He presents them on a bed of lettuce.

What Trigg didn’t share was his skill. If you try this and don’t have the same results Trigg has had, don’t be surprised.
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