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Default UDS II Build--Carppy Pron pics, but still Pron.

The OCD in my has sent me on a quest for the PERFECT fit Weber lid on a UDS. I had three drums and assorted drum lids, none of which orginally belonged to the three drums. I had a deep drum lid that was from a banded drum. I cut it to fit my drum and then welded it back together.

Cut the center out and then got to working on making the ring fit my drum.

As you can see, too big for my drum by about an inch.

Took in the slack and made it tight around the edge of the drum. Perfect. I tacked the inside and outside edge.

Flattened out the edge of the lid. And positioned over the ring.

Strapped down lid and then pounded flat lid edge over the edge of the ring so that they were one!

Then welded lid to ring. My welds look like chit as it is, but they are even worse here because I had to move fast so as not to burn through the thin lid and the ring. I perform plastic surgery on my welds with the grinder tomorrow and finish welding the rest of the lid.

Charcoal basket. You have no idea how hard it is to fing these metal milk crates. I got this one at a recycling place and some little grates that I will use to line in from the inside to make the holes and gaps smaller so that the coal doesn't fall through. It needs some rebar legs for ash clearance and will get a nice rebar handle for easy lifting and lowering.

So far I have about 20 dollars invested in this drum. 10 for the drum and 3 for the basket and extra grates and 7 for the new meat grate. I already had the lid.
I just might finish it tomorrow.
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