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Thumbs down Pyrex Baking Dish Explosion with pic's

Not sure if any of you have had this issue but last weekend it happened to me. I was making DrBBQ's Chicago style Italian beef sandwiches.

My first step was to sear the roast a for 30 minutes at 450*. Then remove from the oven and add the gravy. Then return the roast to the oven and finish the roast. This is when things went bad.

I had paced my roast and a small wire rack into a 9"x13" baking dish. Before picture here.

After the 30 minutes I removed the roast from the oven in the Pyrex dish and placed it on the stove top . I then started to slowly pour the gravy into the dish. I made sure gravy was at room temps because this dish is a glass dish and I did not want to have an issue with it breaking. I believe what happened to me after doing some research was thermal down shock. Meaning that the temps of the glass dish and the liquids were not happy!

Well after a few hours of prep work my cook went to hell in a heartbeat. Boom my dish exploded and my meal was wrecked. Here are a couple pictures of what happened on my stove top.

I can not even explain how this scared me when it blew the fark up! I was literally right in front of it and I had glass almost 15-20 feet away from the stove. Not to mention when it happened my wife was walking our Sheppard/lab/mutt. My son was in his room and came walking in barefoot after he heard it explode. I yelled at him to get back in his room and not come back in until he had shoes on. I clean up the floor a bit so the entry way was clean and safe for the dogs paws. Per my wife's return she was like wtf just happened! I told our dog to get on his blanket! He just went to his blanket area in our living room and stayed there until we told him it was OK! Good dog! I guess he's not a totally dumb mutt! LOL

After about an hour of cleaning we had our kitchen back to normal. Well then I headed out to get another roast and a heavy foil pan for the next go around at this great recipe! I'll save that for another thread!

I have done similar cooks with this exact same dish in the past and never had this happen. Needles to say a metal roasting pan is in my future plans or I will just use a heavy aluminum pan for easy cleanup.

After doing some research it seems that with these dishes exploding is not uncommon. Also it seems that there are many different causes for this to happen. I really love my corning ware and these dishes but sorry to say I am afraid to use them. I read that people have had them break even while cleaning them. One case I read it was after it had been in the dishwasher overnight and a lady went to put it away. She picked it up to place into her kitchen cabinet and boom! I could not believe all the horror stories that I read in the link below.

The reason of this post is for the safety of our members here. If you are not aware of the dangers of this dish please read the link below. I spent almost two hours earlier today reading and I also read some of the other links listed on the page listed below. If you feel that this is all bull then more power to you. I have used these dishes for years and never once thought this could happen. Well it did and now I'm scared to use another one. Please read the link below. Thank you for reading. Vince

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