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Keep in mind that it is the finished product that matters. My father-in-law steams his ribs before smoking them in a bullet smoker and they are good. Boiling is really a grillers trick and is not necessary if you cook in a real smoker with an offset firebox. Grills are designed to cook meat at a higher temperature than a smoker. If you don't boil or steam the ribs when cooking them on a grill then the outside will be done while the center is raw, and most people do not like their ribs rare. The boiling or steaming ensures that the ribs are cooked all the way through and it helps break down the collagen in the meat to make it tender and juicy. I recommend that you use the 3-2-1 method mentioned before. The 2 hours in the foil breaks down the collagen with moist heat the same as boiling and saves the flavor. This method is also easier than boiling. One of the general rules of smoking is that you hit the meat with smoke first and steam roast it later. That way the juices will tenderize the meat with the smoke flavor. Boiling the meat before smoking will limit the amount of smoke flavor that gets to the inside of the meat.
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