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I think someone mentioned the competitor series earlier. It was designed to allow non traditional rules to be applied. i.e. Gas contest, Sitck burner only, Lamb only, etc.... anything that strayed from the Masters series core rules.

To my knowledge, that was never really marketed, so you just didnt see contests in that arena. Also, since those contests did not count towards points, or some invitationals, they were afraid they would not be as desirable to attend.

The LP Que (Competitor Series inaugral event) that Arlie threw was great! I wish more of those would occur. We cooked it just to try something different.

I think Ford has great ideas/thoughts around this. Esp. with the growth in popularity, I think it opens up cooking for folks with $150 great mountain gassers, and $20k Old Hickory pits... I say bring them all into the fold. I have new people to meet, new places to go! :)
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