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Greetings Brethren!!! Just finished this epic thread just in time for dinner off my brand new UDS lol!

Been reading for quite some time... started collecting parts about post 2000, started assembly by 3000, did my burn about 4000.... yes I got impatient.

But I have absolutely no, zero, nada, zilch questions.

KISS was the rule of thumb. Did everything new and in stainless. Haven't added any bling, wheels, exhaust pipes, or other such extravagance.... yet.

I got a Brand NEW 55 Gallon Open Top Drum with no linear and no anti rust spray from a local place in Los Angeles, CA that refurbishes drums (Industrial Container Service). For $65 instead of $20, I saved the hassle of linear removal, buying a weed burner (even though I shop at HF once a week), locating/transporting pallets, and pissing off the neighbors or getting a visit from the local fire dept. Good investment IMHO. I picked a barrel with straight sides instead of ribbed though (gotta a car door magnet from VistaPrint on order for FREE)

The top of my lid has the 8 exhaust ports for ideal convection uniformly spaced and 1/2 inch in diameter. It is worth noting at this point that I used the 3 Pack of Smooth Step Bits from HF which have two - 1/2 inch and one 3/4 inch steps. I used the charcoal grill from the firebox for a template for my ring on the lid.

I went with Four 3/4 in intakes 2 inches from the bottom of the barrel.
Magnets are cheap and plentiful. In fact I have so many if anyone needs some send me a PM.

I went 6 inches from the top to add 4 stainless steel 2 in machine screws with wing nuts and finishing caps from Lowes.
This gives me approximately the 24 inches from the Bottom of my firebox to the grill.
My Grill is an original replacement Weber 22.5 inch SS grill also from Lowes.
None of the big box stores or home improvement shops have expanded metal but the guys at True Value hooked me up with a local fabricator/welder who was able to cut me scrap metal for the firebox, I tipped him a $20 for his time and scraps.

The Firebox is 11 inches high and wraps all the way around an 18 in replacement Weber charcoal grill. I raised the charcoal grill to 3 inches instead of 2 after my first test burn because I was getting a lot of ash but it's easy to adjust as the entire firebox is held together with Stainless Steel Zip Ties from HF again. That was my favorite tip in the entire thread - to use those SS Zip Ties. The reason I went 11 inches high for the expanded metal was so I could SS zip tie the mesh to my pizza dish Ash Catcher after drilling 4 holes in the dish.

That's it in a nutshell. Post picts as proof of life when the wife gets home with the camera... that is if I'm not too busy eating...


added pictures.
Couple of notes... some surface rust where my fingers left their dew... burned it, tide, towel dry, lard, cured.
Firebox with charcoal sat at 2 inches above pizza pan.
Firebox with lump is at 3 inched up.
The meat probe goes through a coax end that was left over from a cable TV install... looking for something better but for now just wanted to get the probe off the wall.
Last pict is a 6.5 lbs Picnic, temp 1 in below grill hovered around 225 for 7 hours and internal temp hit 189 before my wife yelled at me to serve up dinner. Took it off, wrapped in foil, stalled for an hour, sliced and served.
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