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Default Propane at KCBS contests

When the BOD votes on propane use I hope they will take the following into consideration.

1. Allowing propane will allow many additional makes of smokers to compete. This should open doors for increased sponsorship to both the KCBS and to contest organizers.

2. Allowing propane will allow restaurnat owners, caterers and vendors using top quality cookers to compete in KCBS contests with the rigs they use every day and with the fuel they use. Some may say it's an unfair advantage but we all know it's the cook not the cooker. So now more teams will try to compete.

3. IMHO the most compelling reason to allow propane. The average John Q public not a member of KCBS today and probably not even on these Forums and he will now be allowed to bring the grill they have on their back deck to a contest and compete against the big guys. Surveys say people choose propane over charcoal for backyard use by this group. Give them a chance to build smoke packages, or buy a higher end grill with smoker attachment and give them a chance. The KCBS expands their market, the contests gain more teams and the public is a lot more interested. Get John Q public to enter and invite all their friends to a contest. Then they find out what smoking is really all about. Everybody wins and the KCBS continues to educate the public about BBQ.

Fellow Brethren, I'd appreciate your comments understanding that the BOD will probably vote sometime late tomorrow or early Saturday. I've stated my reasons on why I think it's a good idea. I'm sure some have valid reasons why it's not. Maybe before the vote some BOD members will check this. Maybe not.
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