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Originally Posted by brotherbd View Post
Hey there again brothers in smoke,

I am really enjoying all the info and tips on this thread.

Up to page 150 of the UDS epic and have another question.

WHere did a whole lot of the pictures go?

Lots of folks have said they have posted a pic and there is a little square that says the picture is no longer available.

What's up? Looks like this thread was started three years ago but there's a lot of pictures missing.

Not fussing, just wondering about all the great pics I'm missing out on.


Most of the pictures aren't stored here, they're uploaded to a picture sharing site like photobucket, flickr or whatever else. A lot of those accounts have auto-shut off for dormant accounts, so if the person who uploaded the pictures hasn't logged in to the photosharing site in a while, the account will stop hosting pictures. Or the person could have deleted the pictures from the photosharing site as well.

It can be annoying on older threads, can't it?

Suggestion: try PMing the person at bbq-brethren who wrote the post that had the pictures you want to see. They may be able to get them to you.
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